DevTrac for Unicef Uganda

DevTrac is a Ugandan initiative led by a consortium of government and donor agencies: including the GEO-IM Working group, OCHA, Uganda Bureau of Statistics and UNICEF. This project is currently being phased, focused on integrating the tracking and updating of key facility-based information with routine multi-media field trip monitoring reports conducted by UNICEF and partners.

Government and NGOs will be able to better share information and prioritize interventions, district and national level officials will be
able to immediately follow-up on issues such as stock-outs, and communities can use the tool for advocacy and accountability.

Functionality of DevTrac will merge several layers of information and data:
•  a backdrop of basic socio-economic/demographic data
•  key infrastructure points (health facilities, primary schools, water points, etc)
•  status of key infrastructure data points with real time data (ex functioning / non functioning water points)
•  monitoring reports from communities, local governments, NGO and UN staff

I worked on the wireframes for both public website as the workflow internally.
I made a structure for zooming and filtering different layers of data: site visits, images, themes, stories, statistics, reporters to show patterns, differences within the information collected by Unicef field operators.
I build the architecture to provide other NGOs to make their datasets applicable as well, like U report (crowdsourcing), OECD data (database of global indicators), AIidData (database of global aid flows and projects).

commissioned by Mountbatten Uganda

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