To facilitate every specific question, Studio HB works closely together with experts from different fields: photographers, copywriters, web designers, illustrators, printing companies, editors, designers and IT companies.


Ellis Bartholomeus
As a product, interaction and game designer I am eager to get more in-depth involved with the use and value of game and play as a medium and tool and not just for fun. In my curiosity and DIY research in the topic of user/player experience and user journey and on a personal level, I am always looking for the holy grail of intrinsic motivation and drive. Hannie and me met each other coincidentally but really found each other in the same interest and curiosity in designing experiences and the meaning of knowledge, attitude and skills in society, and we both flirt with the academic world in our quests.

– DGA, interviews for series of videoclips for Dutch Game Association
– SeeingNano, advice for innovative visualisation tools for seeing at the nano scale
– Publisher apply play
– Zo doe ik het!


Rienk Leendertse
I am a storyteller. And film is my voice, my instrument. As a video editor and a creative I focus mainly on the content of the story. How does the narrative develop? What is a good start? And must that lead to this certain end? I’m especially a sparring partner for my clients. I am their first viewer of their film. So I am the one to be critical and constructive.
I’ve done this for twenty years now for acclaimed television programs, documentaries, non profit organizations and companies.
My inquisitive nature is the motor for my life and my work. How things are built – why people think in certain ways – which mechanism makes that the micro-organism ‘water bear’ survives at a temperature of minus 270 Celsius.
I think Hannie and I find each other on that level. That thirst for knowledge. Next to that I think we share that we feel the need to master, or at least understand, all the necessary steps bring an idea to life, to a product.
And we complement each other. I have the technical and content skills and Hannie knows how to tell a story in a visual language.

– Higgs, into the heart of imagination, editor
– NanoTube, format and advice
– Promotieclip Nederlandse Natuurkundige Vereniging, editor
– Trustlr, editor videoclips