Demon queller

After one month in Kyoto my sensibility for impulses on the street is unfortunately decreasing.
Part of it because I start to get used to the colors, smells, images, feelings. And part of it because now I want to arrive at a certain place for an appointment. The wandering around of the first four weeks, which were wonderful takes place for more concentrated work on my project. But my collection of photo’s is still growing and I still step from my bicycle when I see something interesting to capture.

Here pictures of the god shoki, which are placed above the entrance door of the machiya. Half of the dwellers still have this sculpture, sometimes hidden behind the airco, wrapped with wireframe or placed in a shelter. Find the differences.


Protector Against Evil Spirits & Illness
Expels the Demons of Plague (verdrijven)
Guardian Safety of Hearth & Home
Protects Homes with Male Children

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