Hara Kenya and his house vision

hv_news0216“Living in a city with a new sense” is the idea of HOUSE VISION.

Since the Edo period (1603-), Japanese cities, especially Tokyo, have been cities with extremely high population density. Both in the past with rapid economic growth and the future, the life in metropolises has been/shall be full of plentiful resources and possibilities. On this account, we must seek for future resources. Firstly, it is the “house”. Since the Meiji period (1868-), Japanese society has moved towards the modernization, namely, the westernization, through which Japanese people have eventually understood the fact that money doesn’t bring the true happiness. At the same time, Japanese traditions and their original values have been highly appraised. What kind of seeds should be sown in the 21st-Century in Japan and what kind of fruit can be harvested? In addition, we can also find out that the Japanese manufacturing industry is now changing fast, which has changed to the comprehensive home appliances and large-scale hardware and software integrated with the communication and portable systems from original types of televisions and refrigerators and so on. They will change the “residential environment” inevitably.

We need to review the value of our community, lands and buildings. And, we hope to produce the creativity of the new cities with “house” and introduce them to the people all over the world.

HOUSE VISION is a focus for such exploration and thinking. We hope to shape HOUSE VISION as an information release and research platform for introducing Japanese life style. We plan to release our “new sense of living” and carry out more opinion exchanges and discussions through seminars, exhibitions and books etc.



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