Origami and science – collaboration with Sojo University in Kumamoto

Kumamoto origami
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2017-06-09 14.52.58
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What can be the role of arts and design in this era of big changes in both society and science? How can we use traditional techniques to develop state of the art scientific research and bottom up initiatives?

Senri Nojima, artist and professor at the Sojo  University in Kumamoto, invited Hannie van den Bergh from Studio HB to talk about her working method and give the students of the  University the opportunity to discuss about a broader approach to the role of arts and design.

In June Hannie van den Bergh will give two workshops about the interplay of origami and nano science. During these workshops students will get the possibility to make nano structures with origami, to give room for new forms of nano structures, and to think about new applications of (nano)science for societal issues.
The interdisciplinary approach of Studio HB will be combined with the craftsmanship of origami in Japan. We hope that new ideas will flourish, inspire and nourish future collaborations.

The workshop nano origami has been developed within the European Project Seeing Nano (Horizon 2020) – Developing visualization tools that enable Nanotechnology awareness, with guidance for seeing at the Nano scale –  in close collaboration with the University of Leeds. Different science centers around Europe presented this work.
In 2016, Studio HB was invited to give this workshop at the ELISAVA (School for Design and Enigneering in Barcelona).