Slightly open

One of my daily routines is taking my bike, opening the entrance door, taking out my bike and closing the door.
Sometimes the door is slightly open, but then I close it afterwards.No locks in my house, so no problem with lost or forgotten keys.

This sliding door only a few centimeters open is a sign for people that the dwellers are at home. Then they can walk directly, without invitation, into the corridor to drop off goods or to go to the house of the owners.

The dark lattice (koshi) makes the house closed to the front. Ones inside there are two more ‘barrieres to overcome’: the textile curtains (noren) and the plastic curtain. After those physical and mental steps you enter the private house.

step 1: the heavy sliding door

step 2: through the noren, you pass the small garden

step 3: the plastic curtain

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