New work in traditional style

When I asked Nihonga painter (traditional japanese painter) Taro Yamamoto, if making a copy of one of his paintings would be a problem, he answered ‘no, I sometimes reuse parts of my paintings or copy them if people ask so’.

He stated that art and crafts are very much related to each other. So if making a new bowl or paper roll with the same shape or calligraphy is not a problem. Why should making a new painting with the same image be.

Some colleagues artists find it’s inferior to make a copy of their own work.
But Taro Yamamoto thinks, it’s a western point of view, that artists should alway be original and authentic. Part of nihonga is craftsmanship with a long history (till today) in Japan.

I think copying your own (art)work is more a problem for the art dealers than for the artists themselves. The art dealers want to know if they sell and buy unique pieces. Worries for galleries, not for people who appreciate to have something beautiful and perfect in their houses.

Taro Yamamoto in his studio

paper roll with coca cola logo, hung in the traditional place (tokonoma)

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