The size of a tatami mat (90 x180 cm) is not only an acre, but also the dimensions for the altitude of the space. This makes the space in the tatami room so elegant and simple.

Roland Barthes wrote in his book L’Empire des signes:
“This means the space without a center is also reversible: you can change the corridor of Shikidai upside-down without something happening, except that up and down and left and right are reversed, that matters little: the content is discharged and returns not again.”

When I talked with setdesigner Masako Ito about dimensions, she said that she takes the size of the tatami as a basic. But she also asked the size of the tallest actor/actress. Than she changes the proportions of the whole scene to a comfortable size of the tallest man/woman.

Katsura Villa. This villa I used before, but every time I realize it's one of the most elegant examples of japanese housing.

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