Cursus Visual Storytelling Universiteit Twente


27 October – 24 November 2022

The attention for science communication is continuously increasing. Scientists are frequently asked to engage with a wider audience in research and to communicate about the results. Often, scientists do this mainly by talking about their work through text in magazines and talk shows, but around us we see a society full of visual communication: photos, animations, comics, videos, infographics. In newspapers and magazines as well as on social media, images are the most important means of telling a story.

How can you use visual stories as a scientist? How do you learn to apply this ‘language’ effectively? How do you build a visual story and make sure it comes across to your target audience?

 In this course the role for researchers in communicating science is discussed. Thereupon, we introduce you to different effective forms of visual science storytelling. You will receive guidelines on how to make your own storyboard and how to use it to communicate your research. You are going to design a visual story yourself, using video, pictures, drawings etc. You will test the designs with the target group and discuss the end products with the other students. You will also receive tips on how you can use this way of working and thinking in the continuation of your research. The visual stories will be available online via social media.

Together with Anne Dijkstra