Let’s talk about quantum – Mirror Palace

Mirror Palace

A visual invitation to connect to the quantum world

This video is an artwork about quantum phenomena and how quantum technology can affect our future lives. This video is inspired by discussions and creations of people that participated in a co-creative workshop on quantum technology at Leiden University.

It is part of the research project ‘Let’s talk about quantum’ which investigates the potential of art-embedded engagement to foster a fruitful public discussion on quantum technology and its societal impact.

Concept & editing Hannie van den Bergh
Illustration & animation Claudie de Cleen
Music composition Jacq Palinckx
Text & project management Dr. Trijsje Franssen

In collaboration with Prof. Sabine Roeser, Dr. Julia Cramer, Prof. Sense Jan van der Molen and Prof. Pieter Vermaas

Commissioned by Leiden University and Delft University of Technology, Quantum Delta NL, NWO grant